District Concerts provided via TCAPS Media!

TCW Choirs Fall Concert 2022

TCC Choirs Fall Concert 2022

TCC Orchestra Fall Concert 2022

7th & 8th Gr.EMS Choir Concert 2022

6th Gr. EMS Choir Informance 2022

TCW Musical "Kiss Me, Kate!" Promo 2022

Music Boosters Concerts

Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) is blessed to have a wonderful media team under the leadership of Larry Burden. TCAPS media works to support all aspects of TCAPS including music. Below are just a few examples of this fine work supporting West and Central Band, Orchestra and Choirs. Enjoy!

2022 Music Boosters Benefit Concert

If you missed our 2022 Music Boosters Benefit Concert, you can catch here via TCAPS Media! If you enjoy what you see, please consider donating to TC Music Boosters so that we can continue to create scholarship opportunities for our band, orchestra and choir students of TCAPS.

2021 Music Boosters Concert (virtual)

2019 Music Boosters Concert

2018 Music Boosters Concert

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Our:TCAPS-Music Festival

Our:TCAPS Music is Community

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